Plasyn [Place-in] shares your workplace! (Hosts) share their spare spaces, while (Guests) find what they need within our growing network.          



" An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin


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Plasyn (PLACE-IN) actively seeks innovative and qualified seed investment partners who believe in the creation and the growth of a scalable business that optimizes commercial real estate subleasing.

There is proven demand for temporary use of industrial, office and retail spaces where many types of business professionals can "Make, Meet + Sell." Our business model utilizes online/phone app. access and multi-channel marketing to nimbly address shifts within the increasingly dynamic modern workforce. For them the significance of convenience is of pinnacle importance and exceptional customer care is a close second.

Plasyn provides a platform/marketplace where hosts + guests connect to monetize the asset and maximize the utility of commercial space. Our network is an approachable workplace alternative that has the opportunity to simultaneously allow start-ups, small-mid sized businesses to avoid the high costs of permanent or lengthy terms for traditional "brick and mortar," while also benefiting larger firms that desire budget efficiency and expanded market penetration to both their workforce and broad client base.  

Through strengthening pivotal, industry related strategic partnerships, and with an aggressive expansion strategy ready to implement, Plasyn serves an array of clients who have the ideas and the drive to operate their business within the variety of spaces that we source, schedule, manage POS, and ensure quality for.   

Great Hosts are our secret weapon. They provide a diverse selection of quality spaces. Our Hosts are trained and incentivized to market themselves, their space(s) and to provide excellent offerings and service.  As with other "Sharing Economy" businesses (AirBnB, VRBO, Uber, Lyft, ect.) our service is as good as the placments that we have within our network as well as the Guests that we attract to use them.


With the successful infusion of capital, Plasyn is ready to:


Solidify and Grow the Plasyn Network  - User Acquisition (Host and Guest)

Launch Operations - Hire team and secure workspace

QA, Marketing + CRM - Establish standards and Practices

Launch Online and App (iOs + Android)  - Marketplace Platform  


Our national operations center in Houston is establishing ties to Hosts, Guests, Strategic Partners, Investors & Advisers from coast to coast. We have successfully boot-strapped up to this point with the support of those who love the team and strongly believe in the idea (Thank You to our supportive Friends + Family!). A vetting of the concept through operation of a Co-working environment/Lab space, preliminary testing of the decentralized model (Alpha test), raising awareness while solidifying a thought-leadership position in the community, and identifying members to build an excellent team are all in the works. Our existing team's efforts have demonstrated incredible awareness + results! We are prepared and ready to quickly build coordinated and effective teams and operations centers and our network of interested Hosts, Guests and Strategic Partners is growing by the day.


I look forward to connecting with you to discuss Plasyn, a pivotal and timely business opportunity. 


James Phelan, Plasyn Founder